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- This is a very important moment in a fanperson’s life. (via ladynataliestark)

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I need to finish my Empathy drawings… Poor things have literally and figuratively collected enough dust.

I’m not going to be able to sleep again at this rate. Way too excited over things in my funny little head.

*half gasps half screams* OH MY GOD I JUST HAD THE MOST AMAZING IDEA EVER!!!

Have I mentioned that i hate working with color…. Yeah? Weeeeell, I’m mentioning it again. I HATE COLORING!

…. *grumbles about art and my inability to properly make anything but single-color works*

Hand me a pen, marker, charcoal, pencil, or chalk any day! So long as it’s only ONE.

*Jumps up and down* Oh no oh no now I’m all excited about the drow again! I’vegotsomuchgoingonalreadyandnowIwanttositdownandrereadallthebooksohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!

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When you show something to your dad- who is always saying he has little opinion on art besides disliking and liking it for what it is (not being an artist and all) and who also responds will a satisfactory “Cool!” Or “eeeeh, not really my thing, not bad though” type of thing- and he stops and goes “WOW!” And asks to take a closer look, you know you did good.

Bleh. Don’t you hate being stressed out?

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