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I swear… I’m never on tumblr anymore, but my insomnia is three times as bad…

… Really hoping that Saturday is just a casual thing… I’m over-thinking… As usual.
I’m just so busy! And my sleeping schedule is fuuuuucked….


I stg if he tries anything… If he thinks i am trying anything… Someone’s going to end up with a bloody nose… I do not people well.

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I have a date Saturday.
… I scream a lot…

That is all.

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do you ever hate someone so much but you don’t even have a valid reason

you’re just like


And then they give you a reason and its like


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Mm? What is that sound? …. Is it raining? … It’s raining isn’t it? … Kay.

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send me a number and i'll reply with a photo!


1: do you play any instruments?
2: what does your room look like?
3: do you have any insecurities?
4: can you draw a picture of yourself?
5: do you have a photo of yourself when you were younger?
6: what is your favorite outfit?
7: do you have anything on your bedroom walls?

Can’t seem to catch a break. Have a day of complete uncontrollable meltdown, going to work only to be reprimanded and watched throughout the shift, and then having my cat go missing, come home without his collar, and being forced to give him a bath because he reeked of gasoline…
What’s next?

I’ve managed to lose about three hours… This does not bode well for me…

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